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Parental Appification

My seven year old niece is learning how to do addition. One of the drills they are doing is given a number, what other number do you need to add up to 10. For example, if the teacher says “one”, she needs to reply “nine.”

Yes iOS 6 Maps Suck, But…

Honestly, I’ve been using the new Maps since June of 2012 without any major issues. Right after WWDC, I visited my sister and her family in LA and used the turn-by-turn directions without any problem. Maps even had me avoid the freeway when driving from Hollywood to LAX. I’m sure it still needs a lot of work, but for my infrequent needs, it seems to be okay.

Rather than beat up on Maps, Let’s take a look at some cool little features that you might not know about.


Been busy the last month working on a new book. And I had to take some time off. But not really.

Right now, I’m in Denver, attending 360iDev.