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The First Rule of Secret Sushi

Don’t tell anyone where it is.

My friend Bruce is a member of the inner circle (cabal?). Everytime I come to San Francisco, I try to get him to take me there. My first time was at WWDC last year. Since then, I’ve gone three more times, and brought many of my colleagues with me. Now it’s expected that I make arrangements for any trip to SF.

This time I brought my colleagues Simon and Sue.

We’ve arrived

We had to wait for the previous seating (a birthday party) to finish.

House Rules

Rumor has it that you can get banned for violating the rules.

Start off with some sake

Don’t know if you can tell, but that’s a big bottle.

I forgot to snap a picture of the first dish. It was mackeral with a ginger soy sauce, garnished with scallions.

Second Course

A salad with calamari, sprouts and dressing.

Third Course

Three mushroom with a soy-based sauce, baked.

Nobu-san preparing the sashimi

Our host at work.

Fourth Course

That’s a lot of fish!

Fifth Course

Pumpkin, Burdock (I think) and Zucchini.

Sixth Course

Neck or Shoulder of a yellow mackeral

Seventh Course

Broiled Eel. Unagi!


Melon with Meyer lemon. Never had lemon juice on a melon before. It was delicious!